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Role Play

Posted: 6 months ago - Sep 08, 2023

A blog, I’m not sure what one writes in a blog. I considered writing about that, but threw out the idea as redundant. So here it is, my first blog.

Role Play

I see role play as something one gets into but am hesitant to subscribe to the idea. Pretending to be younger or a different gender is a form of role play I don’t get into. Many do. That’s fine, it’s just not me. I’m also not into phone sex or cyber but I digress.

In the past, and, hopefully, some time in the future, I have been a bottom in bondage. My current situation will not support lengthy sessions, but, still, it would be nice to pretend to be owned. The fantasy is to be taken, tied and forced into submission to a permanent life of sexual slavery. As enticing as that may sound in fantasy, the reality of the prospect would be very different (let alone inconvenient). Still, the time I spend tied, I am, essentially ‘owned’. It is only the agreement made in advance that separates fantasy from reality. The knowledge that I will be released delivers pleasure out of what would normally be a terrifying situation.

So, would this be considered role play? Are you supposed to ask questions in a blog?

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